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Many years of being partners to companies in industrial process control have made us aware of the special features each sector requires. As a result, you can be sure that we can provide the perfect solution no matter how exacting the demand.

We use optical fibres to transmit signals, making our systems insensitive to any kind of interfering radiation and ideal for use in the tough environments of some industry sectors. Without the need for fans, our systems offer protection against dust as well. With G&D KVM products you can also operate devices from different points throughout the process.

Application industry

KVM in the chemical industry

KVM in the chemical industry

In the chemical industry, safety is extremely important. Several control centres monitor all production processes and systems, record their values and analyze them. If necessary, the team working in the control room must be able to react within seconds. Thus, control rooms in the chemical industry are always a sensitive area. Critical processes and sensitive data need to be monitored continuously. Powerful computers are essential and constitute the backbone of each control room application.

By applying KVM equipment, computers can be easily moved out of control rooms to be placed in separate, air-conditioned technology rooms. Extenders and matrix switch systems make the remote computers available at the workstations in the control room.

G&D KVM equipment seamlessly adapts with any IT installations in control rooms in the chemical industry. Being a hidden supporter in the background, KVM lets you monitor complex processes and facilitates maintaining the large number of computers required for the sophisticated tasks in this industry.

KVM for energy suppliers

KVM for energy suppliers

Every day, energy suppliers provide power, gas and heat to millions of people. Here, everything needs to work without any interruptions – 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to securing the voltage level and the load distribution, employees in the control room are responsible for monitoring all resources. Complex control centres and data management systems require many computers and various peripherals.

With the help of KVM equipment such as KVM matrix switches, it is possible to remove complex computer installations from the workstations and place them in a separate, specially equipped technology room. The distance to the remote computers is bridged by computer modules and user modules connected to the central matrix via CAT cables or optical fibres. By applying these user modules, users operate their computers as if they were placed at their workstations.

In control rooms of energy suppliers, KVM products are used to separate humans and computers. Despite this separation, users are still able to operate their computers remotely. And yet performance, colours and images remain stable and reliable. Any data is transmitted over existing cablings.

KVM in the paper industry

KVM in the paper industry

Producing paper requires up to 60 steps that need to be constantly monitored. Due to the rough production environment, valuable computer equipment needs to be stored in clean and cool technology rooms.

From here, KVM extender systems like DVIVision extend the computer signals to the workplaces. KVM extenders consist of a transmitter, the computer module, and a receiver, the user module (for example DVIVision-CPU and DVIVIsion-CON). The computer module is placed close to the computer and picks up the standard interfaces keyboard, video, mouse as well as audio, USB and RS232. The counterpart of the computer module – the user module DVIVision-CON – is placed in the control room of the paper mill. From here, users can access the remote computer. Cabling is done over existing cable structures. When several computers are removed from the office using KVM extenders, TradeSwitches to extend keyboard/mouse signals are the ideal solution to create a multi-monitor console.

With a KM switch, users can operate up to eight computers with only one set of keyboard/mouse. Video signals are not processed. From their multimonitor workstations, users are able to monitor multiple processes on different screens and, if necessary, react within seconds.

Switching between computers is carried out over hotkeys, buttons or via the new, user-friendly CrossDisplay-Switching. This feature allows users to switch between computers connected to the TradeSwitch simply by moving the mouse. The mouse acts as if on a “virtual desktop” and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor from the active to another display, the keyboard-mouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer.

KVM in the automotive industry

KVM in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, high quality is a basic requirement. All production steps are closely monitored, evaluated and analysed. Production down-times or, even worse, system failures can have fatal consequences. All processes are monitored, analysed and optimised from a central control room. Here, safety and continuity are extremely important.

KVM carries out an important task in the automotive industry. In the control room of factories producing cars, KVM products are the „invisible“ supporters in the background – always there and always ready to use. Wherever many processes have to be controlled and monitored at the same time, many computers are required.

KVM optimizes the work in the control room by helping remove computers into separate technology rooms. The computers are accessed remotely – without any delays or loss of quality, as if the computers were still placed in the same room. This creates optimal conditions for employees and machines. Now the control room staff can continue their work without being exposed to the heat emissions and loud background noises of the computers.

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