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Device Carrier
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Device Carrier - Fasteners for devices in small housings

Depending on the DeviceCarrier, you can save space by placing up to three devices on 1HU or up to 12 devices on 3HU.

Suitable for all devices in small aluminium housings (e.g. DVI-CPU, DVI-CPU-MC2-UC, U2-R-CPU)

Device Carrier - Fasteners for devices in small housings

1HU DeviceCarrier

The 1HU DeviceCarrier can store up to three devices in small aluminium housings.

19"1HE DeviceCarrier 1x105-26

19" 1HU DeviceCarrier 1x105-26

Item No.: A7000034

19"1HE DeviceCarrier 2x105-26

19" 1HU DeviceCarrier 2x105-26

Item No.: A7000017

19"1HE DeviceCarrier 3x105-26

19" 1HU DeviceCarrier 3x105-26

Item No.: A7000018

2- and 3HU DeviceCarrier

The 2- and 3HU DeviceCarrier stores up to 12 devices in small aluminium housings. The devices are mounted horizontally or vertically inside the carrier.

2 HU rack mounting set for 2 devices in 105-46 mm standard aluminium casings

19"2HU DeviceCarrier 2x105-46

Item No.: A7000031

19"2HU DeviceCarrier 3x105-46

Item No.: A7000032

The 3U DeviceCarrier stores up to 12 devices in small aluminium housings

19"3HU DeviceCarrier 12x105-26

Item No.: A7000019

Screwings and blanking panels

Screwing set

Depending on how many devices you want to install, please also order:

Item No.: A7000020
Product: CaseMount-Set-105-26

Blanking panels

In addition blanking panels are available for incomplete equipped DeviceCarriers:

Item No.: A7000036
Product: CaseMount-Set-105-46_Cover-S

Item No: A7000037
Product: CaseMount-Set-105-26_Cover-L

Item No: A7000038
Product: CaseMount-Set-105-26_Cover-S

Item No: A7000039
Product: CaseMount-Set-105-46_Cover-L


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