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CompactCenter X
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CompactCenter X - operate 16 computers over 2 console connections

With CompactCenter X2 KVM matrix switches, you can operate 16 computers over 2 simultaneous, implemented console connections (1 x local, 1 x IP). The device provides no expansions.

CompactCenter X2

  • 2 implemented consoles and ports for 16 computer modules
  • No further expansions

The CompactCenter X is only available as X2 variant.

Rear view  CompactCenter X2

Product details


Function: receive CompactCenter X2 status info

Operation via: web interface/SNMP

Efficiency: 1 cluster

With the "COC-Monitoring" feature, you can detect the system status of G&D devices. The device's web interface provides information you can send (SNMP trap) or querry (SNMP GET). Both monitoring function and SNMP trap and agent are included in the scope of supply. The information menu shows the configuration settings and the detected status values of the device.

Among others, you can monitor the following statuses:

  • Device's main power supply
  • Device's redundant power supply
  • Device's temperature

Status changes (e.g. power on/off) and exceeding defined threshold values (e.g. temperatures)  highlight these values in red in the web interface. Based on defined parametres, the device also notifies the administrator.


  • Access protection and user administration can be switched off
  • Auto-recognsing and showing of system architecture
  • Two network ports
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Reports device conditions (temperature, voltage, computer status, etc.)
  • Supports external authentication via LDAP, Active Directory, TACACS+, Radius
  • Redundant power supply


  • Switch and extender combined in one system
  • Implementation of DVI computers with CATpro2-DVI-Audio-UC
  • VGA colour mode 24 bits
  • Video resolution over IP: up to 1600 × 1200 @ 60Hz according to VESA DMT or up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60Hz according to VESA CVT-RB, colour mode 8 bits
  • Automatic video adjustment including possibility for manual readjustment
  • Transmission distance from computer module to central module: 30 m over CAT cable


  • Only accesses the computer's standard interfaces
  • Two network ports for configuration/network services and access over IP
  • No software installations required
  • Available as desktop and rackmount version
  • Housed in an aluminium casing for best interference resistance
  • Redundant power supply
  • Hot pluggable system components
  • Stay-alive function for computers


  • PS/2 and USB keyboard/mouse


  • CompactCenter X2 KVM matrix switches are shipped as desktop variant.
  • The package contents include a 19" rackmount set.

Application field for the CompactCenter X2

The CompactCenter X2 can be applied as rack switch or in small server rooms. Thanks to its IP console, it is also suitable to administrate multiple smaller, distributed IT installations centrally.

List of item numbers

CompactCenter X2

Item No.Description
A2300033CompactCenter X2
A8000016IP-Console Client-WIN
A8000017IP-Console Client-Linux

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