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Expand the possibilities of your analogue matrix system

Any hardware components are connected to the analogue matrix system and thus fully integrated into operation. Use the devices' web interface to install and activate any firmware expansions.

Expand the possibilities of your analogue matrix system

Hardware expansions for CATCenter NEO

CATCenter NEO16

We provide the following hardware expansions:

  • Increasing the number of computers by cascading with other CATCenterNEO switches
  • Increasing the number of consoles with UC products

More computers by cascading

By cascading, CATCenter NEO systems can be expanded on the computer side. Any CATCenter central modules can be interconnected. When cascading different types of CATCenters, the most powerful device should be the master device within the cascade since the master carries out all controlling tasks.

If the CATCenter NEO is used as master, the whole cascade can be configured via network.

Increase the number of consoles

UC products come in handy if the number of consoles exceeds the number of  available ports at the device.

The consoles can be expanded by placing UC products between computers and CATCenter Neo. UC variants are employed instead of CATpro2 computer modules.

UC products multiply a computer's keyboard, video, and mouse interfaces. Now, a computer can be integrated into several CATCenter clusters. Combined with the required number of central and user modules, this increases the number of consoles.

With CATpro2-UC


Each computer that is provided with the CATpro2-UC can be connected to two CATCenters (RJ45 sockets). CATpro2-UC variants are applied instead of the standard CATpro2 modules. Depending on the NEO variant, you can build between 8 and 32 consoles.

This requires


  • 1 × CATpro2-UC target module per computer
  • + UCON depending on the number of additional consoles
  • + CATCenter NEO depending on the number in cluster 1

Details regarding the CATpro2-UC are given in the section computer modules.

Firmware expansions

We offer the following firmware expansions:

  • TS function - (use multiple UCONs to create a multi-monitor console and operate it over one keyboard/mouse)
  • Push/Get function - (move the image - or image and operation - of your console to another UCON or get the image from there)
  • IP-Control-API - (create an interface to switch/operate the CATCenter NEO over network using a third-party program)

Safe periphery - work logical

Layout TradeSwitch-function

Function: UCON pooling

Operation: via hotkeys

Application requirement: Activation through master

Availability: within one cluster

The TradeSwitch function combines up to 16 user modules (UCON) to one logical console. This logical console can be operated using only one keybord/mouse but provides several monitors (multi-monitor console). Even large-screen projections can be integrated.

Via hotkey, keyboard and mouse focus can be assigned to one any UCON of the logical console. Ten hotkeys that can be individually defined are available.

The 16 user consoles can be grouped in work groups of any size (e.g. eight groups with two UCONs).

Optimised collaboration

Layout Push-Get-function

Function: interaction between UCONs

Operation: via OSD

Application requirement: Activation through master

Availability: within one cluster

The Push-Get function allows you to push the screen content of a target from one screen to another – or to get it from there. This console can also be a large screen projection.

This way, up to 16 operators can exchange and share screen contents and tasks.

Switching commands via network

Layout IP-Control
Customer's example GUI-IP-Control

Function: CATCenter remote control over IP

Operation: via user interface programmed by customer

Application requirement: Activation through master + programming of a user interface by the customer

Availability: system (several clusters)

The IP-Control-API function is used to forward switching commands via network to the CATCenter NEO.

This way the system can be operated independently of any UCON user module. Each computer can access the desired projection media and/or operator displays.

We provide the programming interface (Windows DLL or Linus SO) - you program the user interface.

IP Control allows you to:

  • receive latest information on the current switching statuses
  • cancel all switching statuses (disconnect)
  • retrieve information on computer statuses
  • administrate the Push-Get function over network (but without integrated OSD)

List of item numbers

Expansions - CATCenter NEO

Item No.Description
A8200006TS-Funktion CCNEO
A8200007Push-Get-Funktion CCNEO

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