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Operation & Configuration
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Operation & configuration of analogue KVM matrix systems

Depending on the system, analogue KVM matrix swicthes are operated via: 

  • OSD + hotkeys    
  • Web interface
  • KVM-IP client (only for UCON-IP-NEO)
  • UCON-IP web interface (only for UCON-IP-NEO)

OSD and hotkeys are available on all UCON user modules and ensure fast and easy operation across the entire system.

Operation & configuration of the analogue KVM matrix systems

Availability of operational options sorted by products

OSD and hotkeys are available on all UCON user modules and ensure fast and easy operation across the entire system.

This ensures a fast, clean and unique operation in the system environment.


Rear view CATCenter-NEO16
  • OSD + hotkeys    
  • Web interface
  • KVM IP client
  • UCON-IP web interface

Product details

OSD & hotkeys

The OSD as the central component for operating and configuring the system is available on all external or internal UCON user consoles.

It can be adapted to the user's needs and the security policies of its environment. 

The OSD can be easily accessed via keyboard/mouse and configurable hotkeys while key combinations open the OSD menus.

The following main menus are available:

  • Select (select a computer)
  • Operation (frequent operations)
  • Personal Profile (adjust user preferences)
  • Configuration (change system settings)
  • Information (query system status)

Several operating options:

  • User-related OSD
  • Targets can be directly accessed from the Select menu
  • Configurable hotkeys allow quick access to targets
  • AutoScan, AutoSkip, StepScan

Web interface for the analogue KVM matrix systems

The web-based "Config Panel" application offers a clearly arranged graphical user interface to configure the CATCenter Neo. 

The Config Panel is divided into several sections. The paragraphs below list only some of the settings you can adjust in the application:

Basic configuration

  • Network parametres
  • Tools (backup/restore, firmware update, default reset)
  • Query of syslog messages

Rights configuration

  • User rights
  • User group rights
  • Target rights
  • Target group rights

Matrix switch configuration

  • Names, hotkeys etc.
  • Locations
  • Activation of communication modules
  • Network settings

User module configuration 

  • Name
  • Cascade information

Target configuration

  • Locations
  • Configuration of target module

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