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Operation & Configuration
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Operation & configuration of digital KVM matrix systems

To operate the digital KVM matrix system you have the following options:

  • On-screen display and hotkeys
  • Config Panel 21 web application


On-screen display and hotkeys are available at all console modules; the Config Panel 21 web application can be accessed at consoles connected to the network and ensures quick and easy operation.

Operation & configuration of digital KVM matrix systems

Operation via on-screen display and hotkeys

The On-screen display enables you to operate and configure the central module independently from any network. This display is provided at all user modules by default. The on-screen display is operated by keyboard, configurable hotkeys and mouse.

Overview of the main menus and functions

  • Select menu: select the target module/computer
  • Operation menu: functions of the KVM matrix system that the user can carry out directly
  • Personal Profile menu: settings of the matrix system, which can be individually defined for every user
  • Configuration menu: configure the settings of the devices connected to KVM matrix system as well as all user settings
  • Information menu: information of the different devices and versions of the KVM matrix system

Exemplary operating options:

User settings

  • Create up to 256 individual user accounts/user groups
  • Integrated multi-level user/rights administration
  • Create password protection for all consoles
  • Create user groups for effective rights management
  • Assign individual configuration and access rights
  • Define a target module/computer that is automatically accessed after the user login
  • Multiuser-mode: multiple users have simultaneous access to one computer

Computer settings/target modules

  • Create, edit, or delete computer/target module names
  • Select or search computers/target modules by names using the select menu
  • Access a user-related computer/target module by logging in at any console (free seating)
  • Set permanent display to show the computer names at the console
  • Create target groups and use view filters for a better overview, effective access management and easier administration
  • Choice of 3 scan modes for switching the connected computers/target modules automatically or manually (Autoscan, Autoskip, Stepscan)
  • Viewing computer routing/route information of target modules – even over cascades
  • Displaying “Multiuser” information

System setings and functions

  • Restoring the connection state of the components after a restart of the matrix switch
  • Enable the freeze mode if you want to display the last image received at the user module before the loss of connection (until the connection is reestablished)
  • Rights administration for the Config Panel 21 web application
  • Displaying and use of the optional premium functions (the premium functions can be activated in the Config panel 21 web application)
  • Show all computers/target modules in one list - even over cascades; no switching though multiple on-screen displays
  • Show busy states (console status), e.g. displays active user and accessing target module

Console settings

  • Create open access without querying password
  • Enable access protection per auto user logout when leaving the console
  • Deactivating the on-screen display for user modules to prevent access to certain consoles 
  • Activating the support for special PS/2 keyboards with special functions
  • Install a video console (especially suited when used with a projector, only possible when combined with the optional Push/Get function)
Login Config Panel 21
Monitoring Config Panel 21
Advanced features Config Panel 21

Operation and configuration via the Config Panel 21 web application

The Config Panel 21 is an HTML5-based web application that does not require any software installation. It offers a graphical user interface to configure the KVM digital matrix switches and can be operated with any web browser.

The web application provides an alternative and addition to configuring the matrix switch through the device’s on-screen display at the user modules and can be applied independently from the user modules in the network. All extensive setting options of the OSD are clearly visualized here.

Thanks to its enhanced possibilities, the graphical user interface provides amongst others the following easy to operate features:

  • clearly-arranged user interface
  • easy operation through drag & drop function
  • comprehensive target administration
  • enhanced network functions (netfilter, syslog, ...)
  • backup and restore function
  • activating, displaying and use of the optional premium functions


The Copy Config function saves you an enormous amount of time, especially when configuring large KVM installations, and makes work much easier. After configuring a CPU or target module according to your requirements, you can easily and quickly copy its configuration to all other target modules.

As a future-proof solution, the web application is also suitable for the use on medium-sized to large touch devices. Due to being completely Java-free, the Config Panel 21 is now even more intuitive and user-friendly.

More benefits and features of the Config Panel 21

Blogpost about the Config Panel 21

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