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DiSign system

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The DiSign system

The Digital Signage system DiSign extends and distributes a computer's video and audio signals to multiple remote output devices, which can be placed in a distance of up to 300 m.

DiSign is based on hardware and requires no additional installation. The system works independently from any user software installed on the computer.

The modular system consists of three components:

  • 1 × computer module CATpro2
  • 1 × distributor DiSign-Splitter
  • 1 × display module DiSign-CON

Computer modules can also be connected directly to display modules.

The DiSign-System
Rear view DiSign-Splitter-1AV8
Rear view DiSign-CON-AV2-LD
Rear view DiSign-CON-AV2-SD

Product details

Computer module of the DiSign system

Computer modules

The CATpro2-Audio computer module is connected to the ports of the computer that produces the image and processes the signals for the transmission over CAT-x cable.

Splitter of the DiSign system


The DiSign-Splitter reproduces the signals of a source computer at 8 outputs. Therefore, it is not necessary to place the source computer producing the video and audio signals in the immediate surroundings of the display.

Console module of the DiSign system

Display module DiSign-CON

The display modules receive audio/video information from the splitter and provide ports to connect the display.


  • Automatic video tuning for each line between computer and display


  • VGA resolutions up to 1920 x 1140 @ 75 Hz
  • Audio in CD quality


  • Splits the signals of one source to eight outputs
  • Connected via CAT-x cable (x = 5, 6, 7)


  • DiSign-Splitter-1AV8
    • Available as desktop variant
    • Requires no software installation
  • DiSign-CON
    • External power supply
    • Connects 2 displays per device
    • Hot pluggable
  • CATpro2-Audio
    • Unique ID (identification ID of the computer module) auto-aligns each line between splitter and user modules
    • Available in converter design
    • Hot pluggable

System upgrade

  • Update wizard upgrades system via service socket

Display modules

  • DiSign-CON-AV2-sd for distances up to 50 m
  • DiSign-CON-AV2-ld for distances up to 300 m




The Installation

Connect the cables of the CATpro2-Audio to the computer interfaces for video, USB, and audio.

Connect displays and speakers to the interfaces at the DiSign-CON.

Use CAT-x cables to connect the computer module and the display module to the RJ45 sockets of the DiSign-Splitter.

List of Item Numbers

Item No.Description
Computer module
A2320039 CATpro2-Audio-USBVGA + Audio connection
Central module
A5000004DiSign-Splitter-1AV8for 1 computer (module) / 8 display modules
Display module
A5000002 DiSign-Con-AV2-sd(2 x VGA, Audio) up to 50 meters
A5000003 DiSign-Con-AV2-ld(2 x VGA, Audio) up to 300 meters


Transmission via CAT-X cable

DVI-DualLink video signals

DVI-SingleLink video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

Transmission of audio signals

Transmission of audio signals

New contact details

Guntermann & Drunck GmbH Systementwicklung 

Obere Leimbach 9
57074 Siegen - Germany
Phone: +49 271 23872-0
Fax: +49 271 23872-120

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