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Config Panel 21
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Config Panel 21 - Fast configuration of complex installations

The Config Panel 21 is an HTML5-based web application that does not require any software installation. This ensures a fast start of the tool. The use of current web technologies and the conceptual redesign make the Config Panel 21 a robust and open basis for extensions.

As a future-proof solution, it is suitable for the use on medium-sized to large touch devices. Due to being completely Java-free, the Config Panel 21 is now even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Login in ConfigPanel 21

Faster operation and shorter installation times

By implementing setup and update wizards, configuring KVM devices becomes easier and installation time is reduced. In addition, you cannot only configure groups, but also copy settings to apply them on other devices.

Checklists help simplify configuration preparations. Once you have completed the necessary configuration steps, a confirmation is issued automatically. The configuration can then be transferred to other G&D devices.

Benefits and features

  • More intuitive and user-friendly
  • Java-free  Modern design with repsonsive web interface
  • No more right-clicks  Settings are grouped thematically
  • Wizards for complex configurations
  • Contextual help
  • All terms explained in a glossary
  • Confirmation on completion of configuration
  • Shorter installation times
  • Faster configuration of groups
  • Copy Config function
  • Checklists available
  • Easy updating of G&D devices
  • Central system monitoring display
  • Individual, dynamic column configuration
  • Native switching interface (Easy Control)

Keeping an overview of more information – With the new system monitoring feature

System monitoring with system status display allows users to quickly access the system in the event of a fault, centrally manage parameters, centrally configure the monitoring of the entire system and configure the monitoring for each device. The effects of changes are indicated by a traffic light logic with the levels „Alarm“, „Warning“ and „OK“.

In addition, the Config Panel 21 is clearer and more intuitive to operate. The new menu structure is flat with only two levels. Each menu item has a link to the glossary to help you better understand the respective item.

The bread-crumb navigation gives you better orientation within the tool. Pictures and explanations of individual features improve the overview and understanding of the functions.

Dynamic like never before

You can configure the columns of all device and user lists individually. The number of columns is unlimited, you can enable/disable them and change the position.

Each user‘s settings are automatically saved and displayed the next time they log on. A click on the „Reset“ button restores the default settings.

Easy Update through internal firmware memory

The direct update as well as the update via the database follow the same principle. In addition, an internal memory in the device is used to store the firmware.

This shortens downtimes and various firmware versions can be stored directly in the device.

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