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CrossDisplay-Switching - automatic switching by using the mouse

With the innovative CrossDisplay-Switching users can use the mouse to easily switch between channels.

It is available for our digital matrix systems ControlCenter-Digital, ControlCenter-Compact and ControlCenter-IP aswell as all versions of the TradeSwitch-USB and DVICenter.

CrossDisplay-Switching - automatic switching by using the mouse


  • Easy switching by using the mouse
  • Intuitive operation
  • More efficiency at the workstation
  • The user can operate a multi-monitor-console connected to multiple computers via one  keyboard and one mouse
  • Special-LED indicates active monitor
  • Unlimited number of displays in combination with matrix systems
  • Flexible arrangement of displays
  • Computers with multi head graphics can be included


Switching by mouse

via mouse

Operating requirement:
Unlocked TS function (ControlCenter-Digital, ControlCenter-Compact, ControlCenter-IP, DVICenter)

1 Cluster

Intuitive operation

The mouse acts as if on a “virtual desktop” and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor from the active to another display, the keyboard-mouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer. This feature lets you create multi-monitor workplaces, where users do not have to deal with the actual infrastructure. Thus, they are able to perform their tasks while operating the system intuitively. The mouse becomes the ultimate intuitive switching tool.

Simple and logical configuration

Configurations created with the CrossDisplay-Switching Config Tool contain information about the order and ratio of monitors placed at the TradeSwitch console. Both the switching status of the CrossDisplay Switching feature and the mouse speed settings are saved in the configuration as well. In addition to monitors placed next to each other, any combinations are supported. The monitor ratio can vary as well.

You can watch the video alongside to see how easy the system can be configured.

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Integration of multi head sources

In combination with KVM matrix systems, CrossDisplay-Switching is not limited to the number of displays integrated into the system. In addition, even computers with multi head graphics are supported. Thus, an unlimited mix of scenarios can be switched from all sources and the user always operates in the visible area and never “flies blind”.

Examples for monitor arrangement

CrossDisplay-Switching - illustration 1
CrossDisplay-Switching - illustration 2
CrossDisplay-Switching - illustration 3

In addition to switching to a monitor placed on the left or the right side of the active monitor, you can also switch to monitors placed above or below the active monitor (ill. 1): Move the cursor to one of the edges between monitors 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 to switch from an upper monitor to a lower monitor.


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Ideal addition

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