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What is KVM-over-IP™?

Due to the enormous flexibility of IP networks, the topic of KVM-over-IP is becoming increasingly relevant in many areas. Especially control room applications benefit greatly from the application of IP. Using existing cabling, switches and routers does not only save costs, but also provides operators and administrators with flexibility and facilitation through central administration. This does not mean that classic KVM systems, which essentially use dedicated cabling, are losing their importance. But depending on the application, it may be worth comparing classic KVM systems with KVM-over-IP. Of course, G&D’s portfolio includes both – solutions for classic KVM and solutions for KVM-over-IP.

KVM-over-IP solutions

KVM-over-IP extender systems from G&D

With KVM-over-IP extender systems, transmission is based on IP and runs on Ethernet networks (OSI model layer 3). G&D offers you variants to extend DP1.1, DP1.2, DVI and DL-DVI video signals. Due to predefined IP addresses, plug & play is supported for both console and computer modules. Therefore, it couldn’t be easier to use existing network infrastructures or CAT cables or optical fibers in a 1:1 connection to put the modules into operation.

Within the KVM-over-IP product family, the different extender variants are compatible with each other, allowing any mix-matching of different video interfaces on console and computer modules.

The video shows you the differences between classic KVM and KVM-over-IP and the challenges and advantages of IP transmission – explained on the example of KVM-over-IP extenders.

More about the KVM-over-IP extenders

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KVM-over-IP™ meets Matrix

The KVM-over-IP extender systems can be operated in a matrix mode using an additional control unit, the ControlCenter-IP. This allows you to distribute and share signals within a LAN infrastructure. Users can also access their systems in the LAN network regardless of actual ranges.

In addition, there are many helpful control room features such as monitoring, scenario switching, push-get for optimal collaboration and the integration of video walls, and CrossDisplay-Switching for absolutely intuitive operation of multi-monitor workstations. KVM-over-IP installations can be easily expanded to meet your needs. Moving in a high-performance G&D matrix environment, you can also benefit from the advantages of a flexible network.

While the central routing itself is handled via standard network switches, the ControlCenter-IP takes over the logic in the network. This also includes the basic administration including extensive user and rights management. The ControlCenter-IP also optimises the accessibility of all devices among each other by allowing the switching between the CON and CPU modules. 

More about the ControlCenter-IP

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Special devices to transmit VGA signals over IP

Rear view CompactCenter X2

The VGA KVM matrix switch CompactCenter X2 allows the operation of 16 computers from two simultaneous, integrated console modules (local + IP). As a combination of switch and extender, it has been designed specifically for the application in small server rooms or as rack switch. Thanks to its integrated IP console, it is also well suited for several small, distributed IT installations that need to be centrally managed.

More about CompactCenter X


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