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MatrixGuard: Maximum security for a KVM Matrix-Grid or redundant ControlCenter-IP clusters

A Matrix-Grid™ helps you implement extremly large KVM installations. When setting up a grid, however, you should take a few things into account to make your installation as secure as possible. All matrices included in the grid work decentrally. However, one matrix switch is assigned the role of database master for the entire matrix grid. The defined database master manages the system. To offer you more security and flexibility for failure scenarios, we have developed the MatrixGuard.


Operating principle


When using the MatrixGuard, each matrix switch included in the matrix grid can take over the role of the database master if the original database master fails or is not available. This change of roles takes place automatically according to previously defined rules. Matrix grid members connect to the new master and the systems restarts automatically, thus guaranteeing that the remaining components are fully operable (except for the terminal devices connected to the no longer available matrix). All of this occurs without any manual intervention.

When the system restarts, you can use the Restore connections option to easily restore the last switching conditions, ensuring that you can continue to operate the system as quickly as possible.

Even a restart of the original database master does not disturb the running operation. If another member (previous database slave) has taken over the role of the database master in the meantime, the original master automatically sets itself into Slave modus. Thus, any changes made in the database in the meantime (e.g. a changed name of a computer module) are not lost.

MatrixGuard for secure and redundant ControlCenter-IP clusters (KVM-over-IP™)

MatrixGuard + KVM-over-IP

In KVM-over-IP installations the MatrixGuard also provides a perfect solution. If the ControlCenter-IP carrying the role of the database master fails, another ControlCenter-IP can automatically take over the role of the original database master as "backup" or database slave.

Note: In this context, each ControlCenter-IP must be able to manage the connected terminal devices, requiring that the necessary number of terminal devices has been activated via feature key on each ControlCenter-IP.

Here, too, you can use the Restore connections option to easily restore the last switching conditions in order to continue operation as fast as possible.

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