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Redundancy concepts
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Maximum security through redundant KVM infrastructures

Our KVM systems offer numerous options for creating redundancies for mission-critical applications. When used in air traffic control or broadcast live productions, all IT components must be available at all times. Thus, implementing security concepts and cyber security is particularly important. It is therefore particularly important that IT security concepts contain redundant systems in these fields of application.

If a primary route, a computer or a workstation fails, you can simply switch to a redundant route, a back-up computer or a redundant workstation. This way you can finish your work safely and in a familiar environment.

Setup of redundancies for mission-critical applications


  • Easy setup of redundancy concepts for all security levels – from simple videoconferencing to complex and automated switching to backup systems
  • Support of fully redundant infrastructure and system access even from remote locations / crisis rooms
  • Access protection through rights management system
  • USB devices can be locked
  • Accessing data in a network without requiring a data connection provides cyber security (by limiting software attacks to the point of attack)

At G&D, we offer you many years of experience in setting up redundant KVM systems and are therefore able to optimally implement redundancy concepts.

Your advantages

  • Redundancy concepts provide maximum security
  • Any IT components are always available
  • If a system or a connection fails, you can always switch to a back-up system
  • Redundant components avoid single points of failure
  • No data and network connection required between primary and redundant system
  • Primary and redundant computers are securely stored in an equipment room. Operation is carried out via an extender line and a CON module at the remote workstation
  • Hardware-based solution minimises the risk of software attacks

Examples of KVM redundancy concepts

Redundant computers with remote access

Redundant computers with remote access

Primary and redundancy computers were removed from the workplace, the computer signals were extended via an extender line and made available at the remote workstation via a KVM switch and a CON module.

Thanks to the extender systems, the computers can be securely housed in a central technical area to protect them from unauthorized access.

Redundant matrix cluster with redundant computer equipment

Redundant matrix cluster with redundant computer equipment

The matrix itself and the computers are designed redundantly. Using G&D's CON-2 modules, you can connect the workstation to both matrix clusters.

If a matrix or a computer fails, you can still use the redundant matrix to access your devices.

Extensive application redundancy

Extensive application redundancy

A completely redundant KVM system provides a back-up system for the computers, matrices and operator stations. Thanks to CPU-UC and CON-2 modules, every workstation can access every computer.

If a line or module fails, you can automatically switch to the back-up system.

Full application redundancy

Security-critical areas and control rooms go even further and require a completely redundant technical area and a redundant control room.

Possible scenario

Technical room B fails completely due to a fire or other emergency. At the same time, a KVM matrix and another server fail in server room B, e. g. due to a software bug or a cyber attack. In the worst case, control room A also fails completely and in control room B one of the two workstation consoles fails as well.


With all KVM components, systems and premises designed redundantly, you always have the opportunity to finish your work undisturbed - even in such an extreme scenario!

Of course, the above-mentioned example is quite sophisticated and comprehensive. Depending on your requirements, the actual redundancy concept does not have to be as complex.

Example of a comprehensive redundant application

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