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Scenario switching
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Scenario switching to simplify the operation of matrix systems

Digital KVM matrix systems from Guntermann & Drunck let users access numerous computers from distributed workplaces. Since such installations tend to be rather complex and, due to the many features included, lead to an extremely powerful but complex infrastructure, intuitive operating concepts are key. This is where scenario switching comes into play.

Scenario switching to simplify the operation of matrix systems


Scenario switching lets you store the switching condition of one or multiple workplaces or even of the entire system. The selected switching states are saved in a script in the matrix system and can be accessed and executed via the OSD of workplaces assigned with the required rights.

Your advantages

  • Individual settings
  • Fast switching of several workplaces
  • More intuitive operating concepts

Adapting the entire system to changing user behaviour

Global scenarios are best applied on occasions that require that the use of all consoles included in a system has to be changed at the same time. These scenarios change the switching conditions of the entire matrix installation and can be applied in many ways. Thus it is possible to use only one command to switch all consoles of a control room from day to night shift, for example. When applied in OB vans, scenarios allow users to switch the parameters of the entire setup of a location to another location. This way, the intended use of an installation can be changed within seconds.

Fast reaction to changing tasks

Whether as emergency scenario at workplaces in control rooms or as a simple, less critical change of applications: Local scenarios are used when computers at individual workplaces need to be rearranged. Scenario switching is useful to apply whenever switching conditions need to be changed at once.

Especially when it comes to multi-monitor consoles accessing multiple computers at the same time, the manual and therefore sequential selection of computers for every single monitor does not only prove to be complicated, but takes extremely long, too. Here again, the scenario allows users to store switching states for local consoles which are then available for future applications.

Of course, any login or access rights of KVM matrix systems remain the same when using scenarios.

Example for day/night scenarios:

Example for day/night scenarios

One single command switches all computers required at the console from day to night shift.

Scenario switching is available for:


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