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ActiveKey Keyboard
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ActiveKey Keyboard - simplifying your tasks with the programmable keyboard

The ActiveKey Keyboard is the perfect choice if you appreciate the advantages of programming keys in many ways.

Thanks to the provided function keys, your workplace will always be clearly arranged and decluttered. The ActiveKey comes with 31 programmable keys with relegendable keycaps that can be easily programmed with up to 256 key codes in up to 16 layers.

Now you can simplify your tasks and manage them quickly and more efficiently.

ActiveKey Pads are available with 24 or 35 keys.

ActiveKey Keyboard
Keypad with 24 keys
Keypad with 35 keys

Product details


  • Programmable Desktop Keyboard
  • Configuration Software included
  • Storage memory internal
  • Specially designed for data input applications like in an accounting department
  • ActiveKey comes with mechanical gold cross point contact switches (50 million operations per key) for long life time, even at heaviest use of the numeric keys.

Additional keys

  • Keyboard with 135 keys
  • 31 programmable keys / relegendable keycaps
  • can be easily programmed with up to 256 key codes in up to 16 layers
  • The programmable keys, close to the numeric block, allow one hand data input with all special functions like “Tab”, comma, brackets, and so on, close by LED Indicators showing which layer is active (Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock)


  • Keyboard (USB version)
  • Keypads (PS/2 and USB version)


Like any other keyboard, you can connect the ActiveKey keyboard to the computer‘s USB interface.

To program the function keys, you can use the supplied configuration software.

List of item numbers

Item No.DescriptionVersion
A3200048Active Key S100-PW-B35 Programmable Keypad (35) PS/2
A3200049Active Key S100-UW-B35 Programmable Keypad (35) USB
A3200050 Active Key 100-PW-B24 Programmable Keypad (24) PS/2
A3200051 Active Key 100-UW-B24 Programmable Keypad (24) USB
A3200060AK-S7002-U-DEKeyboard layout DE, USB
A3200061AK-S7002-U-UKKeyboard layout EN-UK, USB
A3200062AK-S7002-U-USKeyboard layout EN-US, USB
A3200063AK-S7002-U-CHKeyboard layout DE_CH, USB


Transmission via CAT-X cable

Transmission via CAT-X cable

DVI-DualLink video signals

DVI-DualLink video signals

DVI-SingleLink video signals

DVI-SingleLink video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

SDI video signals

SDI video signals


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