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The signal converter GPIO-Changer-PS/2

The GPIO-Changer-PS/2 is a signal converter, which makes it easy to use the GPIO function of compatible matrix switches and their end devices. GPIO stands for „general purpose input / output“ and refers to the transmission of simple switching status (on / off).

Application fields include alarms in the control room, the automation of critical monitoring status, or the typical „tally light“ as on-air signal in broadcasting

The function is already included in all new devices (matrices, transmitters and receivers). A firmware update including the function is available for all existing devices. Not all former hardware variants are supported!

KVM-add-on - GPIO-Changer-PS/2

Easy connection via PS/2

Easy connection with the GPIO function

In order to be able to use existing components to display GPIO status, G&D use an interface that is barely used these days: the PS/2 interface. For some applications, this interface is still relevant and therefore still standard in G&D systems – in addition to USB interfaces to connect keyboard and mouse. All G&D matrix components provide at least one or two PS/2 interfaces.

However, since the interfaces are hardly ever used in practice, they can now be reconfigured to be used as GPIO interface. A respective entry has been added to the Config-Panel (figure see last topic ConfigPanel).

The system indicates switching status, which are applied to the respective PS/2 contacts on the computer side, on the user’s receiver module – and vice versa. Two GPIO switching status can be mapped for each PS/2 interface.

List of Item Numbers


Item No.Description
A3130011GPIO-Changer-PS/2 Basic
A3130012GPIO-Changer-PS/2 incl. PowerPack




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Transmission via CAT-X cable

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