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KVM-NetworkCenter - centralized configuration for network-capable G&D devices

KVM-NetworkCenter KVM add-on products provide centralized, proactive monitoring and centralized configuration of network-capable G&D devices with KVM-NetworkCenter support.

Two interfaces connect the KVM-NetworkCenter to the network. Configuration, information and communication are carried out via web interface.

A working system includes a KVM-NetworkCenter and the devices to be monitored.

Rear view KVM-NetworkCenter

Product details

Network / Communication / Safety

  • Dual network connection
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Monitoring via SNMP and web interface
  • Reports device statuses
  • SSL-encryption for the communication with directory services
  • Logbook to capture, copy, export or print any information
  • Ident LED helps identify devices in complex installations
  • Redundant power supply
  • Distributes firmware update to connected devices

Unterstützte, netzwerkfähige G&D-Produkte

  • DL-Vision
  • DL-MUX4

Web interface

  • Displays configuration and additional information
  • Password-protected
  • Available in German and English


  • Configurable via web interface
  • Central configuration of all connected network-capable G&D devices via KVM-NetworkCenter
  • Configurable options:
    • Authentication against directory services (LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+)
    • Time sync via NTP server
    • Sends log messages to syslog server
    • SNMP monitoring through computers and network devices 
    • Netfilter rules

Monitoring of system conditions

  • Monitors temperature, voltage, transmission distance, computer status etc.
  • Monitors KVM-NetworkCenter system status
  • Monitors system statuses of connected network-capable G&D device
  • Displays information in web interface
  • Sends system statuses (SNMP Trap) or queries (SNMP GET)


  • Two network ports
  • Requires no software installation
  • Redundant power supply
  • Available as desktop and 19" variant

System upgrade

  • Update wizard over network (web interface)


  • Available as desktop variant
  • Including 19" rackmount set

The Installation

Use a CAT-x cable (x= 5, 6, 7) to connect the network interface at the backside of the KVM-NetworkCenter to the network. The second interface can be used to link the KVM-NetworkCenter to a second network.

Establish a KVM service network to lower the amount of required IP addresses in the productive network. In this network, only the KVM-NetworkCenter communicates with the productive network.

List of Item Numbers

Item No.DescriptionDTRM


Transmission via CAT-X cable

DVI-DualLink video signals

DVI-SingleLink video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

SDI video signals

SDI video signals

New contact details

Guntermann & Drunck GmbH Systementwicklung 

Obere Leimbach 9
57074 Siegen - Germany
Phone: +49 271 23872-0
Fax: +49 271 23872-120

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