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RackConsole - key drawer enable direct access to rack mounted servers

G&D's RackConsoles enable direct access to servers mounted in a rack.
The key drawer offers the following features:

  • 17" display (visible 337 × 270 mm / HR 337 × 232 mm)
  • Single-link DVI and VGA port, RackConsole-LED 17HR also DisplayPort
  • Removable compact keyboard including touchpad
  • Many keyboard layouts for different languages
  • Requires only 1 U

Key drawers are stand-alone devices.

RackConsole-I 17HR opened

Product details


  • 17" display
  • Single-Link DVI & VGA (RackConsole 17)
  • DP, Single-Link DVI & VGA (RackConsole-LED 17HR)
  • Resolutions up to 1280 × 1024 @ 60 Hz (RackConsole 17)
  • Resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60 Hz (RackConsole-LED 17HR)
  • 24 bit colour mode digital


  • Avaiable in following layouts:
    • German
    • English UK
    • English US
    • Arabian
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • French
    • Swiss
    • Italian
    • Finnish / Swedish
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Portugese
    • Polish
    • Hungarian
    • Turkish
  • Mouse operation via internal touchpad


  • PS/2 and USB interfaces for keyboard and mouse (RackConsole 17)
  • Select between PS/2 and USB variant (HR version)
  • Transparent USB 2.0 interface at front panel (HR version)
  • Removable compact keyboard
  • Including touchpad
  • Ball-bearing telescopic rails with cable chain for easy mounting
  • Only requires 1 U


  • Only requires 1 U
  • Comprehensive accessories such as telescopic rails, cable chain, pre-assembled brackets, and fasteners


  • Rugged design

RackConsole 17 (DVI & VGA)

  • Max. resolution up to 1280 × 1024 @ 60 Hz
  • PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse

RackConsole-LED 17HR-PS/2 (DP, DVI & VGA)

  • Max. resolution up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • PS/2 keyboard/mouse

RackConsole-LED 17HR-USB (DP, DVI & VGA)

  • Max. resolution up to 1920 × 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • USB keyboard/mouse

The Installation

The RackConsole 17 provides ball-bearing telescopic rails including cable chain and cables for easy mounting in a 19" rack.

List of Item Numbers

RackConsole-LED 17HR

Item No.Description
A3200093RackConsole-LED 17HR-BE+F-USB
A3200094RackConsole-LED 17HR-CH+D-USB
A3200095RackConsole-LED 17HR-DE-USB
A3200096RackConsole-LED 17HR-ES-USB
A3200097RackConsole-LED 17HR-FR-USB
A3200098RackConsole-LED 17HR-Nord-USB
A3200099RackConsole-LED 17HR-RU-USB
A3200100RackConsole-LED 17HR-UK-USB
A3200101RackConsole-LED 17HR-US-USB
A3200102RackConsole-LED 17HR-DE-PS/2
A3200103RackConsole-LED 17HR-FR-PS/2
A3200104RackConsole-LED 17HR-UK-PS/2
A3200105RackConsole-LED 17HR-US-PS/2

RackConsole 17

Item No.Description
A3200009RackConsole 17-DE (DVI+VGA)
A3200010RackConsole 17-US (DVI+VGA)
A3200010RackConsole 17-US (DVI+VGA)
A3200019RackConsole 17-UK (DVI+VGA)
A3200019RackConsole 17UK (DVI+VGA)
A3200033RackConsole 17-FR (DVI+VGA)
A3200037RackConsole 17-US-RU (DVI+VGA)
A3200040RackConsole 17-FS (DVI+VGA)




Transmission via CAT-X cable

Transmission via CAT-X cable

DVI-DualLink video signals

DVI-DualLink video signals

DVI-SingleLink video signals

DVI-SingleLink video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

Analogue VGA video signals

SDI video signals

SDI video signals

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