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Flatten the curve - Stay healthy together

The last few weeks have kept us all in suspense since the contact restrictions imposed on us demand a lot from us. But they are the only way to slow down COVID-19. #flattenthecurve

Dear business partners and friends of G&D,

Surely you have all been directly or indirectly involved in establishing emergency plans, planning shift work or home office or taking hygiene measures without trying to neglect the most important thing: the safety and health of your employees, customers and suppliers. We at G&D are no exception.

We see ourselves as a family-like team, defying this crisis together and being there for each other. But we are also here for you as our customers, partners, and friends of G&D. Together, we will tackle the challenges of the near future.

We continue to manufacture our high-quality KVM products, as our way of warehousing has not yet led to any major bottlenecks. Our materials managers are working non-stop to keep it this way.

In addition, we set up emergency plans which, in the event of a partial or complete shutdown, will help keep the majority of our processes running. Thus, we are and continue to be here for you.

This crisis will change our world – politically, economically and socially. Therefore, let’s all work together to ensure that it will remain human at all costs.

We hope you are well and have found your way of dealing with this crisis. Stay healthy.

Roland Ollek
CEO Guntermann & Drunck GmbH

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You can also reach your individual sales contacts as usual.

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  • By phone on 00800 5509 6000. This service number cannot be reached from some regions or service providers. In that case, you can still call us on +49 271 23872-488

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