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G&D follows today's broadcast topics with 4K and IP

G&D at IBC 2016. KVM systems are an essential part of the broadcast industry especially when it comes to the optimized operation of systems and distributed work. Although the installations hardly get in touch with the actual content, they play an important role to manage the workflow. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that German manufacturers G&D have tackled the current requirements for 4K and IP transmission.

Transparent uncompressed transmission of UHD/4K@60Hz

With the DP1.2-VisionXG, G&D offer a new KVM extender for high-end applications, which provides uncompressed transmission of 4K contents at full 60 Hz. The transparent transfer of image data guarantees an absolutely lossless playback without any latency – even when signals are transmitted across large distances.

Thus, especially post-production areas benefit from moving their powerful computers into central equipment rooms. This allows the access-protected storage of assets while users enjoy the advantages of a computer- and emission-free working environment. Yet still, they are not missing one single pixel of their images.

Even multi-monitor workstations are supported by the systems. Here, all channels work entirely synchronous with their sources. Thus, two channels can be bundled for 4K@120Hz or four channels (product variant coming soon) for 8K@60Hz.

In particular for live broadcasts, which require absolute reliability, the system offers significant safety features such as the G&D monitoring function. To be able to access multiple systems from one workplace, the G&D portfolio has been complemented by the DP1.2-MUX series, a KVM switch to transmit DisplayPort 1.2 signals.

UHD and 4K@60Hz in matrix installations

ControlCenter-DigitalThe new DP1.2-Vision KVM extenders take a little different approach. Without the addition “XG” they use the G&D-developed compression algorithm. Thus, the systems require less bandwidth to transmit signals – but still provide clear and visually lossless images without any latency. DP1.2-Vision supports DisplayPort 1.2 and thus resolutions up to 4K@60Hz.

The advantage of the reduced bandwidth are the improved possibilities of further processing. Thus, the extenders can be switched via G&D’s digital matrix systems. This way, if required, hundreds of workplaces are able to access an equally high number of systems.

Now UHD applications will also benefit from the full range of the many G&D matrix functions such as CrossDisplay-Switching, the integration in media control systems or the Push-Get function. Thus, large and distributed installations can be easily implemented thanks to G&D’s KVM matrix grid.

Unlimited access with KVM-over-IP™

Essentially, G&D systems use a dedicated cabling. Thus, especially powerful applications can benefit from using the full bandwidth and therefore guarantee an absolutely reliable transmission.

Particularly in the broadcast industry, network systems tend to become more powerful. Therefore, G&D now offers a KVM extender that allows access over IP structures.

Especially outside broadcasts and working across locations require the possibility to access remote systems. For this, the new DP-Vision-IP transmits signals via G&D’s KVM-over-IP. Thus, users can use IP structures to access the connected computers. Combinations with other G&D systems are also possible thus allowing complex installations with worldwide access. Of course, the German manufacturer relies on the most recent encryption methods and comprehensive access protection.

At this year’s IBC, visitors of stand 1.B10 will be able to experience the systems live, learn more about other new features and talk to the G&D team about their individual requirements.

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