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G&D supports local care association

“Seeing the gratitude in the eyes of people is one of the reasons I spend parts of my spare time here at the association," says Ingrid Otterbach, one of the volunteers from the local care association Pflegekreis Wilnsdorf e.V. About 60 women support the non-profit association in Wilnsdorf, Germany by helping old, sick or disabled people continue living in their own homes. Now Wilnsdorf-based Guntermann & Drunck want to support the outstanding work of the volunteers with a donation.

Times have changed

Today, the traditional help from family and neighbours unfortunately no longer works as it has years ago. “The most stable aspect in the lives of people with disabilities is their environment. And that’s exactly what affects relatives the most," says Jutta Schmidt, Head of the care association Pflegekreis Wilnsdorf e.V. After four years as Head of the association, she knows what she is talking about. “Our association works almost 24/7. Our day starts with helping people get up and get ready for the day. We support them in their daily tasks, help families with young children and provide care for people with dementia – all of these are extremely demanding tasks. Thus, the donation from Guntermann & Drunck makes us really happy and gives us the opportunity to do even more.”

Tolerance and open minds for a better quality of life

The primary goal of the association is to preserve the dignity of people in need and improve the quality of their lives. Thus, experienced and skilled leaders coordinate the work of all volunteers since they are the heart of the association. Therefore it’s important to keep them healthy, satisfied and happy, too.

As a down-to-earth company with a big heart for traditions Guntermann & Drunck decided to support the nursing association with a donation to support the people in their community who are dependent on help.

Founded in 1985, the medium-sized IT company is located in Wilnsdorf for more than 20 years. “Although we work in a world of high-tech products, we are aware of the world around us,” says Roland Ollek, CEO of Sales & Marketing at Guntermann & Drunck. “We would like to recognize the daily work of the volunteers that help people keep their self-worth and dignity. Sometimes you just have to take a break to become aware of the world around you. And why not start right in front of you?” says Ollek.

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