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Marketing-Club Siegen on site at Guntermann & Drunck GmbH

For over 60 years, the Marketing Club Siegen has offered a forum for marketing specialists from Siegerland. Regular events provide members with opportunities to exchange experiences, receive new impulses and find the perfect opportunity for networking.

Learning from the successful

But often a look into the practice gives even better impressions into the strategies of companies. 

For this reason, the Marketing Club organises events at member companies on site again and again. They have the opportunity to present themselves and give lectures on specific topics. In return, the participants get the chance to gain first-hand insights into the strategies of successful companies and to learn from them. 

On 27.9.2018 such a "marketing on-site" event took place at Guntermann & Drunck in the Leimbachtal in Siegen. Guntermann und Drunck GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of KVM products for highly sensitive environments, such as air traffic control control rooms or broadcast studios and television stations - precisely where the use of high-quality and reliable products is required. 

G&D KVM products are used worldwide and, thanks to their "Made in Germany" quality, are ideally suited even for mission-critical applications.

Managing Director Rolland Ollek and Marketing Manager Jochen Bauer welcomed the participants and took them on a tour of production, testing, service and product management. The participants were able to gain an impression of how the individual departments are interlinked and how the KVM products are completely created at G&D, from development to production.

The path of a hidden champion to world market leader

In a lecture on "The path of a hidden champion to world market leader", Managing Director Rolland Ollek talked about the strategies G&D uses to open up new markets and how the company managed to develop from a purely German-speaking market participant to a world market leader within less than 10 years. In the center of his lecture thereby particularly the topics were located: 

  • - Growth strategy for medium-sized companies
  • - Ways to internationalisation
  • - Successful positioning in niche markets

Around 20 participants listened to the lecture with excitement and were able to take along specialist knowledge and tips for their very own professional fields.

Positive summary of a successful event

Marketing Manager Jochen Bauer drew a positive balance immediately after the event: "We are always happy when we can bring the rather abstract term KVM a little closer to people from our region. Although we are well-known in the region, few really know what we are doing here at G&D. The Marketing Club's on-site events are the perfect opportunity for such practical insights into companies".

Press contact:

Mr. Jochen Bauer
+49 271 23872-0