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More control with less peripherals

KM switch TradeSwitch proves to be the perfect mouser in air traffic control

What do mousers and IT equipment of air traffic controls have in common? Nothing, one might think. But if you take a closer look at the controller workstations in air traffic control, you will notice that they are often equipped with several keyboards and mice. Users must observe several simultaneous processes while remaining highly concentrated and operate various computers in the background. In extreme cases, this includes a separate keyboard and mouse for each system. Such critical applications don’t leave room for ATCOs to interrupt their work in order to search for a mouse with the right label. In order to solve the problem, many technicians have already become creative and use different coloured mice for different systems.

So why not optimize and "chase away" extra keyboards and mice from the workplace by bundling the computers in the background and the processes to be monitored in such a way that you can operate your entire system with only one keyboard and mouse?

Guntermann und Drunck (G&D) are leading high-end KVM manufacturers and offer specific solutions to the issue believed to be inevitable by enabling users to operate their equipment with less peripherals. The KM switch TradeSwitch lets users operate up to eight computers with only one set of keyboard and mouse. Video signals, however, are not transmitted via the switch. The monitors of the workstation are directly connected to the computers and permanently display their image. Using the TradeSwitch, ATCOs can switch between channels via keyboard hotkeys LEDs indicate the active keyboard mouse focus and thus the active channel.

G&D's Tradeswitch can therefore be considered a true "mouse hunter" and helps improve the ergonomics of ATCO workstations by ensuring fast and uniform operation throughout the system. Much more important than improving ergonomics: In critical situations, operators must have the appropriate technology at hand in a matter of seconds instead of having to worry about which mouse to use for which computer-monitor constellation and which keyboard is required.

CrossDisplay-Switching for even more intuitive workplaces

If you’re looking for something even more intuitive: All G&D matrix systems include the intuitive CrossDisplay-Switching. CrossDisplay-Switching enables user-friendly switching via mouse cursor between the connected computers and is closely related to the TradeSwitching function.

The mouse acts as if on a “virtual desktop” and can be moved seamlessly across the connected displays. Moving the cursor from the active to an inactive display, the keyboard-mouse focus automatically switches to the connected computer and thus to the computer of the adjacent monitor. This enables multi-monitor workstations and pleasant and intuitive operation for ATCOs.
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