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KVM matrix switches
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FAQs KVM matrix switches

Our FAQs will answer your questions about KVM matrix switches.

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FAQs KVM matrix switches

FAQs KVM matrix switches

KVM matrix switches let you operate multiple computers over multiple consoles (consisting of display, keyboard & mouse).

The systems consist of three components:

Depending on the requirements, users can choose between compact (ControlCenter-Compact) and modular central modules (ControlCenter-Digital). Both, computer modules and user modules are available for all common video signals and provide various features.

With the ControlCenter-IP we also offer you a KVM-over-IP matrix system. Analogue KVM matrix systems are also still available.

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Manuals and installation guides are available as download.

A detailed description of where you can find the serial number and device ID of your DVICenter is given in this blog post.

This installation requires one of our matrix switch systems.

Please contact our sales team. They will personally advise you regarding your particular requirements, the variety and efficiency of individual systems and other special features.

You can use the configuration interface of the CATCenter NEO4/8/16 for switching IP commands and configuring devices over network.

KVM-over-IP for the CATCenter additionally requires the UCON-IP-NEO, which provides an IP channel for each device.

The transmission interfaces of target and console ports require a 1:1 connection. When connected to the data network, they must not be connected to hubs, switches, routers, etc.

Yes. Each image requires a target module, and, if necessary, an additional power pack if the computer has not enough USB ports available.

The user side requires one UCON for each image. Thanks to the TS function (TradeSwitch), you only need one keyboard/mouse at the desk. That way, the individual signals are combined to create one logical console.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

Yes. When combined with UCON-IP-NEO or CompactCenter X2 and the native GNU-Linux or Java client, various platforms can access the matrix over IP.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

No. Since G&D matrix switches only access hardware, installing additional software is not required.

In the past, we used Java for the web-based configuration of KVM systems. But since Java is now more and more perceived as a security risk and therefore no longer supported by many browsers, we have developed the Config Panel 21, CP21 for short. The Config Panel 21 is a web application based on HTML5. This application does not require any software installation and provides a graphical user interface for configuring digital KVM matrix switches. It is operated via a web browser of your choice. Additionally, you can also use the CP 21 on medium or large touch devices.

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