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KVM switches
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FAQs KVM switches

Our FAQs will answer your questions about KVM switches.

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FAQs KVM switches

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A KVM switch connects many computers that can be operated over one console (monitor, keyboard, mouse). Switching between computers is carried out over a button at the switch or via hotkey. Depending on size, KVM switches also provide an OSD to switch between computers. You also can use the OperatorPanel for switching.

G&D offers KVM switches for DisplayPort, DVI and VGA, which allow a user to operate 2 - 64 computers. With the TradeSwitch, we also offer you another way to save on peripheral devices (switching keyboard and mouse signals without a video signal). Thanks to CrossDisplay-Switching, hereby you can intuitively select the desired computer with the mouse.

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Manuals and installation guides are available as download.

To operate both VGA and DVI computers, please use one of the following digital KVM switches:

  • DVIMUX (for single-link DVI)
  • DVIMUX-DL (for dual-link DVI)
  • DL-MUX (for dual-link DVI + network connection + monitoring ...)

These devices switch both types of signals. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Yes. Our multi-channel switches are best suited for this purpose. They access up to four video channels and keyboard/mouse for each computer. Multi-channel devices are abbreviated with "MC" (e.g. DVIMUX4-MC4-USB for 4 x video per computer)

Switching is carried out over hotkey, button, or external access (if provided for device). An LED at the switch highlights the active channel (computer).

The TradeSwitch switches keyboard, mouse and audio signals between computers and highlights the active channel using optional LEDs. The LEDs can be attached to the monitors. The TradeSwitch does not transmit video signals.

Learn more about the TradeSwitch

G&D's KVM switches are designed to operate two to eight computers via one console consisting of keyboard, monitor and mouse. By cascading several KVM switches, it is possible to switch and operate up to 64 computers from one workstation.

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